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The US Iron Blog: Supporting Local Business in Ada, Oklahoma.

Many people don't realize that a structural steel company the size of US Iron Co. is right here in Ada, Oklahoma. Any time we hear about a local business doing well on a state or national level, we get excited. Many people today overlook the opportunity to support businesses within their own community. Supporting local business helps the local economy and community as a whole.

Companies like Arbuckle Coffee, Serendipity, and Brick House are beloved in the Ada community. Locals will support them in a heart beat when offered a chain-style alternative. Even newer, rising companies like Ada Media (who have done fantastic Digital Marketing work for US Iron).

It's our responsibility as members of the Ada community to help one another, because it's in the best interest of every last one of us. As Zooey Deschanel said, "Supporting local businesses is the most direct way to make a positive impact on your community."

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